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How do I advance?

VACRO, Executive Consultant, Executive... what does it all mean, and how can you become one of them? Use this handy cheat sheet to bravely make your way up the Vanderstank ladder towards the pinnacle of life's achievements. You, too, can reach the top of the mountain and see the Ultimate Truth.


When you join Vanderstank, you are a VACRO I, the entry-level position where you learn introductory Company material and help recruit other members and spread the word. VACRO stands for Vanderstank Active Corrections and Reconnaissance Officer, which is most of what you'll be doing at this early stage. VACRO I's account for over 80% of Vanderstank members, and many never move past this first stage. But I trust that you will.

VACRO I members are granted a Family ID, access to our Discord server's Family Channels, may control Hands class Power Units at the Vanderbank, and automatically earn the White or Black badge.

To become VACRO I:


For members that show initiative to move past the entry level, VACRO II awaits. Because they have shown the initiative to move forward, these members learn more in-depth information about the Mission and may catch the eye of Executives who may begin priming them for their role in future projects.

VACRO II and higher may get a full member profile publicly listed on Our Members, are granted exclusive access to some chapters from the Books of Vanderstank, access to Schedule 2 classified documents, and may be awarded the Pearl or Iron badges for their efforts, thereby allowing them to fulfill higher roles within the Company.

To become VACRO II:


Members who show incredible potential within the Family will achieve this final rank of VACRO service, working with the administration to spread the Good Word and learning the ins and outs of life at the Company and how we intend to fulfill the Mission.

VACRO III members are awarded a monetary payout in Vanderpoints, exclusive access to nearly all of the Books of Vanderstank, access to Schedule 3 classified documents, may control Mouth Class Power Units at the Vanderbank, and may now be considered for the Blue and/or Green badges, thereby allowing for work in the Church, psychotropics research, or other upper-level departments, including corrections. This is also generally the first stage at which members are considered for Treatment.

To become VACRO III:

Executive Consultant

For those who have completed all three VACRO ranks, you may now directly aid the Executive Board by becoming an Executive Consultant.

Executive Consultants are awarded a monetary payout (in Vanderpoints), granted access to all of the Books of Vanderstank, admin access to VanderstankOS, all classified information, may control Eyes Class Power Units at the Vanderbank, and may now be considered for the Golden Oak badge.

To become an Executive Consultant:


This is the pinnacle of your achievements. Executive Board members have full access to everything that has ever been created in the history of Vanderstank, and make decisions directly controlling the Mission of the Company and its actions.

To become an Executive:

These requirements may change at any time, effective immediately or retroactively, with or without notice, in accordance with the terms of the Vanderstank Membership Contract.