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Why We're Not A Cult

Yes, it's true—in the past, we've been accused of being a cult. While this is hurtful, and deeply, deeply incorrect, it is not surprising—it's a normal first reaction to a Family like ours. They say it isn't possible… they say we're mad… they say we're a cult. Ironically, one group that ran a smear campaign against us turned out to be a cult themselves! But we forgive those who dragged our name through the mud and damaged our reputation. When something as paradigm-shifting as Vanderstank comes along, people sometimes react in strange ways.

For anybody still harboring doubt in their mind, think about these 3 defining aspects of a cult, and how we defy those definitions.

  1. We never ask for money

    Cults often thrive on sucking money out of the pocket of their members. Not us! If anyone ever asks you for money in regards to your Vanderstank membership, report them to us immediately. There is no membership fee of any kind.

  2. We don't worship our leader

    Cults usually revolve around the person who started it. Sometimes they're even called Cults of Personality. But we don't worship our founder, the great and honorable Dr. Triestananas Vanderstank, nor our current President—they're just normal, everyday people, and we want you to see that.

  3. We don't punish people for leaving

    A cult would do everything in their power to prevent people from leaving. Not us! While we do think it's ridiculous that anybody would want to leave such a kind and loving Family, there is no penalty for doing so. You are free to make that stupid, reckless, dangerous decision if you want.

We hope you'll help us spread the word to anyone who doubts us. Lies, slander, and smear campaigns can happen to anyone, and they've certainly happened to us, so please do your part to help.


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