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Our premium brands.

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Vanderstank Luxury Technologies, Luxury Records, and Luxury Film Studios are now all under the umbrella of Vanderstank Luxury Media Group.

Vanderstank Life logo

VanderstankLife crafts innovative home products, furniture, and gizmos to give your home living space a makeover.


Vanderstank Eats logo

VanderstankEats cooks up the most luxurious food and wine you've ever tasted.

Vanderstank Active logo

Live your best life by competing in our Luxury Kickboxing league and other innovative sports at VanderstankActive.

Arcadia Group logo

Arcadia Group is our brand-new hands-on engineering R&D department.

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Joining the Church of Vanderstank is the first step in becoming a brand new, cosmically perfect, fully Enlightened person.

Vanderstank Special Operations logo

Special Operations directs internal projects and experiments that we aren't quite ready to show off yet.

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