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Our immaculate showrooms.

For those who have made their way up the Vanderstank leadership ranks, Vanderstank operates a number of secret bases which offer such cutting-edge life improvement systems as magnetic laser spas, chemical entertainment systems, product showrooms, and screenings of classified Vanderstank films. Directions and entry to each Vanderstank location is restricted to various ranks within the Vanderstank community, and forms an exciting motivation to move up the ranks within the Company.

As always, all locations include cutting-edge features such as...

Be aware: Although they are being phased out some locations still include functioning VERISHIT™ (Vanderstank Experimental Realm for the Incredibly Smart, Helplessly Insane, and Terrific) mental asylums. We have tried to improve the sound deadening, but we would still like to remind you that some screaming and cackling is perfectly normal. We also would like to remind our guests to immediately and calmly leave any room if a bloody hammer is present on any of the display tables.

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