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Welcome to the Vanderbank.

The future of commerce is here. No longer are we shackled to empty, meaningless currencies like the dollar, or a wildly fluctuating stock market. The Vanderpoint is our new currency, and its beating heart is right here at the Vanderbank.

The Vanderbank is made up of individual Power Units, which represent shares of Thought Contribution Capacity within the Company. You may empower, emancipate, condemn, or rebirth them at will using the Vanderpoints in your account.


Currently, there are 1,226,000 existing Vanderstank Power Units. 33,600 have been converted to tradable notes. There are three classes of Power Units.

Class I: Eyes

  • This class is owned entirely by the highest ranking executives of Vanderstank Industries.
  • This class encompasses 98,080 Vanderstank Power Units, equalling 8% of total liquid Vanderstank Power Units.
  • This class is entitled to 10 Thoughts per Power Unit out of a total 1,250,520 Thoughts, totaling 78% of all Thought Contribution Capacity.
  • This class is structured such that you can trade your Vanderstank Power Units without the burdens of decision making. The executives holding Eyes Class Vanderstank Power Units are equipped with the gift of foresight and as such are responsible almost solely for all Thought contributions.

Class II: Mouths

  • This class of Vanderstank Power Units is owned by active traders, Thought contributors, and again, high ranking executives. The Mouths Class of Vanderstank Power Units serve as the intermediary class. When Eyes Class Power Units are transacted upon, they convert to Mouths Class Power Units. This in turn increases the intrinsic value of Eyes Class Power Units as well as its Thought Contribution Capacity.
  • Mostly privately owned
  • This class encompasses 269,720 Vanderstank Power Units, equalling 22% of total liquid Power Units.
  • This class is entitled to one Thought per Power Unit out of 1,250,520 total Thoughts, equalling 22% of all Thought contribution capacity.
  • This class serves as a route for buyers of Eyes Class Power Units to become Thought contributing shareholders as well as a means (1) for sellers of Eyes Class Power Units to liquidate their stake in the Company, (2) Executives to increase Thought contribution capacity, and (3) decrease or increase the value of lower class Power Units or upper class Power Units, respectively.

Class III: Hands

  • This class exists to be publicly traded. Any owner of Vanderstank Power Units can own or trade Hands Class Power Units.
  • This class encompasses 858,200 share of Power Units—that is, 70% of all liquid Power Units!
  • As an owner of Hands Class Power Units, you are singlehandedly responsible for your own percent of the largest equity stake of Vanderstank's liquidity! We're expecting great things from you. We acknowledge that society was built with the Hands of those not gifted with the ability to decide, and in taking your share of Hands Class Vanderstank Power Units, you are venerating the Hands of society!
  • This class is collectively responsible for a large equity stake and as such is not expected to make any decisions; no Thoughts accompany Hands Class Power Units.
  • This class serves primarily as a support system for V-Commerce. All traders can buy Hands Class Vanderstank Power Units and allow them to appreciate in value over time. This entitles them to a percentage of ownership of the Company that is directly proportional to their number of Power Units owned relative to the number of all liquid Vanderstank Power Units. We don't need to tell you why it feels good to say "I am a part of that," when talking about Vanderstank. After all, any Family Member knows it's a blessing to be a part of this; the Vanderbank simply allows you to quantify this!

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